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ABOUT-US-main-imageWe Are Atheism was founded in 2011 to promote education, tolerance, and philanthropy about atheists and for atheists. We Are Atheism is the “It get’s better campaign” for atheists as well as the first philanthropic organization to label themselves as atheists.

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DONATE-main-image The Good 1% Club supports the efforts of We Are Atheism in order to carry out its mission of changing the face of atheism through education, activism, and philanthropy. Each and every donor is special to us and we appreciate all you do.  Whether you’re a one time donor or one of our special 1%-ers, without you we wouldn’t exist. Here’s how your donation works for you in We Are Atheism’s trustworthy hands.

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UPLOAD-main-imageWe want to hear your story. There are millions of closeted atheists around the world that don’t believe in god but are afraid to say it. They feel scared to be an open freethinker. Let them know that living your life based on evidence, critical thinking, reason and science is nothing to be ashamed of. We live fulfilled lives without a god. You can “come out” and help others do the same!


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It's ok to be an atheist.

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