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Orchid McCrary is a single, mother of 4,working at a fast food restaurant trying to make ends meet. After being kicked out of her apartment for the utilities being shut off.  She became behind on the utility payments and just couldn’t afford to pay it.  It came to a choice between Rent and the electric bill. So she chose rent.  Due to that choice the landlord then began the eviction notice for non-compliance with the lease. After being served for eviction she was also served with a notice to appear in court for unpaid Rent and utilities as well as the cost of eviction, legal and court fees for this court appearance, and other incidentals when you vacate an apartment (lightbulb replacement, carpet cleaning, drip pans, etc.). She plead not guilty and still insists the judgement was unfair. She did not do what this lady said she had, but didn’t have any proof to prove the landlord was lying. The judge sided in favor for the plaintiff and that Ms. McCrary needs to pay a nearly $3,000 fine.  So Ms. McCrary set up a way to pay in weekly installments to pay off the balance.

With this judgement against her it has made it nearly impossible for her to find a new place to live. She tried Section-8 and low-income housing and was unable to secure a home due to this judgement. Section-8 told her she’d need to wait 6-12 months for a place to become available. But Orchid didn’t have a year to wait. She needed someplace right now. She asked to stay with relatives and most said they couldn’t, but for a short time her mother let her stay with her.  Then, last month, her mother tells her she has a month to get out.  She can no longer stand to take care of the 5 of them. She needed her space and Orchid needed to find another home.

Well that month is now up.  Orchid and her 4 children are now homeless. She has an infant, 3 months, a 2.5 year old, 4 year old, and 6 year old children to take care of and now all of them are sleeping in her car until we can find her a place to live.

Atheists Giving Aid has come through for Orchid.  After nearly 6 days of searching and calling around the entire Kansas City Metro area finally a landlord was willing to give Orchid a second chance.  But we need your help to make this second chance a reality. He’s willing to help her IF she can come up with the first month’s rent, $500, the deposit, $500-$800, and application fee $40. Let’s show her that she has not been forgotten or left to die.  We, Atheists Giving Aid, need to help save her life, show her people do care.  The government, her family, her friends, and even the Church have all given up on her.  Telling her there’s nothing they can do, and to add insult to injury, that they will be “praying for god to help her”. Even if you think Orchid has made mistakes to get here, her children are not at fault. They are innocent and deserve a home to live in.

She doesn’t need another prayer she needs your support.  She needs a safe place to live and care for her children. Give not only her, but her children the safety and security most of us enjoy without thinking. Only you can make her dreams come true.  Help her and others like her today by donating here:

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Atheists Giving Aid is not just making a financial contribution to Orchid but we are helping her get a fresh start by he teaching her how to budget, how to grocery shop on a food stamp budget, how to save, and parenting help to handle 4 children as a working mother. We will help her make the lifestyle change she needs in order to thrive and break the cycle of poverty. We will keep you updated about her and her family as they get their lives back on track.

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