ABOUT-US-main-imageWe Are Atheism was founded in 2011 to promote education, tolerance, and philanthropy about atheists and for atheists. We Are Atheism is the “It get’s better campaign” for atheists as well as the first philanthropic organization to label themselves as atheists.

Mission quote 2Our mission began to change the face of atheism by collecting atheist stories about how they became an atheist, why it’s ok to be an atheist, and to help encourage other atheists to come out of the closet. We have enjoyed this aspect of our organization for many years but now our mission has expanded to include philanthropic opportunities for atheists to become involved in. As well as give atheists a place to go when they are in need of help. Often atheists are isolated from their family, former friends, and even places of employment. The options for help are typically from the government only. Churches refuse to help non-believers and those who do not adhere to the tenants of the specific religious dogma.

We Are Atheism, hearing pleas for help created Atheists Giving Aid and our new mission to change the face of atheism not just through sharing experiences but helping each other in times of great need. We do not care about your religious affiliation, lifestyle choices, or what you look like. Everyone deserves help and we strive to provide it the best we can.


Help us change the face of atheism. With your donation of just $20 a month, we can make a difference and show the world that you can be “good without god”.



We Are Atheism Incorporated is a public non-profit registered in the state of Missouri and tax exempt under the 501(c)3 federal tax code. EIN: 45-5344445   State File ID: N01316599