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This is your chance to finally be heard. This is our chance to stand up, speak out, and be counted. We want to provide a platform for atheists around the globe to see that they are not alone. Atheists come in all shapes, sizes, ages, and backgrounds. The only thing that we all have in common is that we don’t see any credible evidence to believe  in a god. It’s ok to be an atheist, and we want the world to know.

We Are Atheism Symbol

WeAreAtheism, Inc. will:

  • Provide an outlet for atheists to feel comfortable to come out of the closet.
  • Always let visitors know there are other people out there that are non-believers just like them.
  • Help people find other atheists in their state, city, and even neighborhood.
  • Give access to local, national, and international organizations to become involved in the secular community.
  • Empower people to start their own organizations in areas that do not already have them.
  • Provide philanthropy opportunities via Atheists Giving Aid

We are not just here to let you watch movies; these are real people living real lives as atheists. We want
the world to know we exist and we will not be ignored. We will stand up, speak out, and be counted.

Our History

We Are Atheism was an idea that evolved from the founders struggles with coming out as atheists in the bible belt. The reality of the isolation and prejudice associated with being an atheist was prevalent in their lives and they wanted to find a way to make this easier for other people. Through a series of events that led Amanda Brown into a leadership position with the Secular Student Alliance’s (SSA) affiliate group Society of Open-Minded Atheists and Agnostics (SOMA) at the University of Kansas (KU) she ended up attending the 2011 SSA Conference in Columbus, OH.  She attended many lectures and discussed many different opportunities to make a difference in the atheist community and the community in which she lived but what really stuck with her was a speech given by Jessica Alqhuist followed by a motivational speech given by David Silverman that sparked the idea of an out campaign that featured videos of atheists rather than just essays hidden on a website. Their common struggle with isolation from friends and family along with no where to turn when this occurred gave Amanda the idea that something needed to change and this idea came from her experience in the LGBTQIA community and her involvement with their fight for equal rights and equal representation under the law. If their campaign to stop bullying and promote tolerance through YouTube videos worked then it could work with Atheism. So she immediately went to her friends at the conference and new acquaintances to see if they liked the idea.  After their encouragement and elation of the idea she went straight to work to make it a reality.  The website was launched on 8/8/2011 and was debuted at Skeption 4 in Springfield, MO. Next, it got its legs at Reason Rally in 2012 thanks to the support from David Silverman and an anonymous donor. Through key partnerships and networking this organization has done amazing things and has kept innovating and trying to change the face of atheism through tolerance, education, and philanthropy.

In December of 2013, Atheists Giving Aid was born out of the need to prove atheists really do philanthropy work and really do help people in times of crisis. At this time many people in the atheist community had dealt with a common train of thought that atheists were selfish people who only wanted what was best for themselves and helped no one at any time for any reason. Knowing this was not the case Amanda felt that she needed to make this clear. So when the Sandy Hook Elementary Tragedy hit the national media she saw this as an opportunity to act.  To show the world you can be good without god.  The Atheists Giving Aid campaign was formed and took the world by storm.  Christians didn’t like it but atheists loved it and needed it. We needed to have a national stage that wasn’t just participation in a secular organization or non-religious non-profit but to put a face to the label atheist as well as have the good deeds to put up behind it for the evidence to support the saying, “Good without god”. Since then Atheists Giving Aid has raised tens of thousands of dollars and helped hundreds of people.  The campaign is now growing into a full-fledged national effort to not just be a campaign that throws money at a problem but actually gives an on-the-ground hands-on opportunity in which all can help.  Atheists Giving Aid has zero overhead costs.  This campaign is completely funded by We Are Atheism.  In times of a natural disaster or national tragedy, We Are Atheism will run a fundraiser via Atheists Giving Aid where 100% of that donation will go directly to the issue needed. In the cases of individuals applying for aid, We Are Atheism has a fund where 50% of ALL donations coming in to We Are Atheism are split at the end of each month after expenses are paid. Then the individuals applying for aid will have it ready and available to them in times of great crisis.

As of October 1, 2014 We Are Atheism, Inc. is an official 501(c)3 non-profit organization with tax exempt status from the federal government and a recognized non-profit entity in the state of Missouri. All donations are retroactively approved as tax deductible from May 23, 2013 and from this point further all donations will be tax deductible as well.