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Born: November 1990

Location: Riverside, CA

Organization Affiliation: n/a

Label: Atheist

Former Religion: Catholic / Christian

My Facebook and soundcloud (all songs are available to download for free)


My Story

This may be the most personal thing i have ever posted on the internet. This may be the most personal thing I have ever done. My descent (or ascent, direction is irrelevant) into atheism was one that was very personal to me. My final decision was not based on scientific discoveries or political views, (which I tried very hard to keep completely out of this video). It had to do with events in my own life. I do leave some things out because really almost everything in my life has contributed to the person I am today, and giving you a play by play of my entire life would take…a lifetime. These are particular events that stick out to me when I think back on my life in regards to my faith and lack thereof.

I apologize for the length. I in no way intended for this video to be this long. I even tried to cut out some excess ramblings.

40:00 – Kind of the wrap up of everything
45:25 – The song


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