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Atheist vs. ChristianFor many years now all I have heard from Christians are that they have god given morals that somehow give them the ability to do better at life than anyone else. Their god, scriptures, and set of moral codes ensure that they are the higher authority on not only morality but in all areas of life. So I decided to see if this was true.

Atheists overall have lower poverty rates than Christians, Society Without God (Zuckerman, 2008). This is due to the psychology of religion leaching onto the poor to give them hope and security that after all of this pain and suffering there is a better eternal life waiting for them in heaven. Rather than taking responsibility for their situation and figuring out a way to overcome their poverty, many of those in poverty rely on prayer and deity intervention rather than searching for a better job, understanding how to save for the future, and how to budget effectively in order to end the cycle of poverty in which they live and will most likely pass on to their children.

Atheists have higher IQ’s than Christians, which in turn gives atheists lower illiteracy rates (United Nations Human Development Report, 2004). Higher IQ’s give way to abstract reasoning and the ability to understand more complex situations. By being able to understand things in an abstract way Atheists are able to grasp concepts like the size of the universe, scientific exploration and the rules that follow, as well as comprehending large concepts like the human brain and how it works regarding the infection of religion.

Due to higher IQ’s and lower illiteracy rates atheists have higher income levels than Christians. When you understand more of the world and the science behind the biodiversity that is our Earth, as well as how people interact with one another you are then able to achieve higher standards in education. We all know with higher education the more potential earnings a person has. Most atheists have higher education degrees at the Masters and Ph. D levels. Atheists try to become the best at what they do, which in turn gives them better paying jobs in the area of study they have become experts at (United Nations Human Development Report, 2004).

Study and education, I’ve found, is a major part of the atheist community. As a group we want to understand many different aspects of not only life here on earth but the possibilities of all the trillions of different combinations that could’ve been on this planet but never did. Science, philosophy, math, literature, and so much more have become staples in the community. A vast understanding of many diverse topics has become a must in order to defend the understanding that there is no god.

Christians like to think that they have the moral high ground. They adhere to all of these commandments and avoid sin as much as possible and if they mess up, Jesus will be right there to forgive them. No need to take responsibility for your actions when forgiveness is just one prayer away. But is this true? No, atheists have lower divorce rates, lower pregnancy rates among teens, lower abortion rates***, lower STD infections, lower homicide rates**, and lower crime* rates overall. Why would the religious, who have a book of rules and guidelines to follow, sin so often? Is sin just another word for human nature? Maybe morality is not something that is given by god but more of people being good to one another because our society is better when there is no crime, murder, suicide, or infections. Having a healthy, well-educated society means that the quality of life for everyone increases. Atheists actually do something instead of waiting for their deity to come along and change things for them.

So, if you think that somehow your holy book with its many rules and guidelines makes you a better person, why not look at the atheists in this world and ask the question: How do they live better lives without the rules of a deity? Morality is built upon taking responsibility for your actions and learning from your mistakes. Atheists do this…. Christians just wait for god to do something.

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