Atheists Giving Aid

Atheists Giving Aid is a philanthropic campaign hosted by We Are Atheism, Inc. that provides natural disaster relief, national acts of terrorism relief,  and direct aid to people throughout the entire United States. As well as support local atheist organizations to be able to provide philanthropic opportunities in their community. We are not a giant organization with huge overhead.  We are a small group of secular-humanist-atheists who want to help those in need directly rather than donating to giant organizations that take anywhere from 15% to 30% of your donation to support themselves rather than using all of the money to help those in need. We understand that it is necessary to use money in order to run an organization which is why We Are Atheism, Inc is our parent organization. Atheists Giving Aid has zero overhead as We Are Atheism, Inc. covers all website maintenance, marketing materials, and all resources given to satellite groups across the country. When you donate to We Are Atheism, Inc. 50% of your donation each month is put in to the Atheists Giving Aid fund.  We do this to ensure that emergency funds are available to individuals who apply for aid with Atheists Giving Aid. In times of natural disasters or national tragedies Atheists Giving Aid will run a fundraising campaign for that specific incident. During that time all donations that are given to that specific incident will go 100% to the people in need during that time of crisis*.

We work tirelessly to provide this service to everyone and would appreciate your support through sponsorship, advertisement, direct donation/subscription, merchandise purchasing, etc. on We Are Atheism’s website.  But even the simple things help too. Like talking about us on one of these social networking sites:



*Donations must denote where the money should go via the special donate button on the fundraising page or via note in the PayPal payment. All donations given that are meant to be 100% for Atheists Giving Aid only, outside of the specified fundraiser, must be submitted in writing to our headquarters to ensure proper tracking of the donation for the donor and the public.

 Click here to go to the Atheists Giving Aid website to find out more about Atheists Giving Aid’s mission, goals, and to get more involved.