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Atheists Giving Aid – Oklahoma Tornado Relief

The Oklahoma tornados devasted many people.  Homes destroyed, loved ones lost, and recovery seemed impossible. Atheists Giving Aid stepped in and raised a little over $16,000.  The problem that occurred after the fundraiser was over was that no one applied for the aid.  Not 1 person. We’re not sure if it is because we are an atheist organization that will not change our name but stand firm and proud with the help we have received from atheists all over the country. We only asked those who we donated to if we could share their story online and were even willing to make them anonymous if they really just didn’t want people to know they accepted aid from atheists. So an executive decision was made to reallocate the funds to help 3 different families.  At the end of 2013 $8,167 was donated to the Oklahoma Strong Disaster Relief Fund which helps the families financially and with other needs that will help stabilize the state of those affected. We hope that the money we reallocated is alright with our donors.  We didn’t want the money to “go to waste” by donating to an organization but instead helped families who, without our help, would have been homeless or bankrupt. 

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