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Identity Theft Aid

A couple had their identity stolen and were about to loose their house due to not having the money they had saved up in order to buy a new car.  $10,000 is a lot of money for someone to steal from you.  I happened to be talking to this couple while at a group hangout at a restaurant.  As a counselor I tend to get to hear about people and their troubles regardless if its a paid session or just someone letting off steam at the restaurant. After finding this out I asked the board of directors if we could help alleviate the stress of this situation financially as well as help them get the person who did this caught and punished for hurting someone in the hardest way possible.

Atheists Giving Aid gave this couple $6,000* to dig them out of the financial hole that the identity thief dug for them.  After we helped them monetarily I took some time to teach them how to protect themselves from something like this happening again. They now have all new passwords that are not saved on their computer but in a notebook they keep on their desk and others are saved in their memory. This couple asked to remain anonymous (meaning no names) due to their popularity in the area with the groups of people they interact with.

Please help Atheists Giving Aid continue to help out people who are in need all over the United States. Any amount helps and if you subscribe we will send you a free t-shirt, travel mug, wristband, and bumper sticker if you donate at least $5/month. If everyone does this then Atheists Giving Aid will be able to help more people under the name of atheism.  Help us change the face of atheism through positivity.


*funds were reallocated from the Oklahoma Tornado Fund