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Nelly and Demetrius – Homeless finding a home

Nelly and Demetrius fell on hard times.  Demetrius had recently found a job but was then laid off due to cut backs at his place of employment.  With no savings and no way to pay the bills Nelly, Demetrius, and their son were forced to live in their car and put their stuff into storage (well the things they couldn’t sell off).  A friend offered to take care of their things for them in their garage and Demetrius set out to find a job and a place to live to support their disabled child as well as his disabled wife Nelly.  Nelly suffers from fibromyalgia and arthritis in her spine, knees, and hands. She is unable to work due to her inability to find a job that will accommodate her disabilities.

By a shear stroke of luck Demetrius and Nelly happened to pull into a gas station that I was at getting gas.  They asked me if they could have $40 for a hotel room so they could shower and give their son someplace to sleep for the night. I immediately said I ran a charity called Atheists Giving Aid and I would discuss with the other directors if giving them aid would be a possibility. I gave them my card and told them to call me, after I gave them $60 so they could get gas or some food for dinner.

After a week or two Demetrius gave me a call and asked for help.  The board was completely behind it and we decided to help them find a home, a job, and get them some household items to be able to live.  We gave them an entire dish set, cleaning supplies, and a $250 gift card to Price Chopper (a grocery store). Also, one of our Donors was so kind to drive all the way from Chicago, IL to bring them 2 beds for the family to have so they wouldnt have to sleep on the floor. We stayed with them though and made sure that what we had just given them wouldn’t go to waste.  We wanted to stop the cycle of poverty and teach this family how to live on 2 disability checks a month until Demetrius found work. We found them a few temp agencies that were looking for people with Demetrius’s skills and hoped this could be a temporary solution until he found a full time job. As of 1/26/2014 he has not been able to find work anywhere in the Kansas City Metro area.  He cannot commute too far because his car needs brakes, wheels, and basically an engine overhaul.



After our initial meeting and subsequent meetings Demetrius found himself in a bit of a pickle.  The gas company wouldn’t turn on the gas which meant the family would have no heat in the upcoming winter.  So Atheists Giving Aid helped out one more time financially. We gave them money to get the gas turned on from an outstanding bill as well as a microwave and crockpot in order for them to be able to save leftovers and making cooking easier for Nelly.

Demetrius and Nelly still need help, financially and with physical items.  If anyone would like to help please click here ,send me an email and I will help you get in touch with them. They aren’t looking for a hand-out.  They want to be financially stable and have a safe reliable car.  The don’t ask for much but their need is great. Please continue to support Atheists Giving Aid with your donations.  Be the change you want to see in this world.