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Chris is a PhD candidate in Intelligent Systems (a sub-discipline of Computer Science); my focus is on evidence-justified beliefs and their argumentation as a means of conflict resolution both in computational and human systems.

He also won the 2010 Project Reason Prize from Sam Harris and earned a $10,000 check for his video.

-Inspire atheists, secular humanists, and freethinkers.
-Provide support and solidarity for other former Christians.
-Inform the undecided.
-Generate discussion with the open-minded and intellectually honest religious.
-Cause the over-confident religious to question their unwavering certainty.

His YouTube Channel is centered around using evidence and reason as the justification for beliefs.

It is about letting the evidence speak for itself without having any preconceived biases about what it should say. (Unless, of course, those biases are based on previous strong evidence. But all biases should melt away in the face of new, stronger evidence.)

The ethic of this channel is inspired by the Secular Humanist tenets of testing beliefs and believing strongly only in beliefs for which we, as a species, also have strong evidence.

Tenets of Secular Humanism:…

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