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Name: Daniel Presedo

DOB: 1996

Location: Australia

Label: Atheist, Agnostic Atheist, Humanist, Non-Religious

Former Religious Affiliation: Catholic (Christianity)

My Story

I used to be a Catholic, and I’ve decided to be an Atheist and Agnostic Atheist because I finally started to come out of the closet and question the mysteries of life. I’ve had doubt of all my life about the existence of God, but somehow I still felt like to stick with Religion. I’ve been to some weird places in my life, a place where a priest claims he could heal, and I’ve actually was forced to go to Jehovah’s Witness’ church when I was young by my former babysitter.

It’s just been around several months since I’ve switched to Atheism, but I’ve switched because of many reasons. It seems to be that I forced myself to believe that anything I’ve said by prayer was actually been given by God, but in actuality, it was actually a mere coincidence. I am 15 and still at my adolescent age, and finally I begun to start thinking deeply about life and the existence of a God; and I’ve got more interested into Science then ever before. I looked on both sides, and compared Science to Religion, and Science is the better. This reason because they use actual evidence that can be seen with pure logic that makes sense, while Religion relies on something they can’t see with faith that is without evidence.

I started to use my common knowledge, research about famous Scientists and Atheists, and the more I researched about it, the more I got to be intriuiged by life, and by reality. I then knew that I was an Atheist because I’ve used logic in my life and provided thoughts with evidence, things that actually make sense with no doubt at all.

Religion is just an excuse for all the truths in life we don’t want to accept. I despise organised religion, for it is like this, and it discourages thoughts, it gives limited freedom and gives fears to those who are god-fearing. The God Of The Old Testament is probably the sickest, malevolent deity ever in modern religion, but it seems like the education of Religion in schools want to keep it discrete. They only provide the biblical stories of a good, merciful God, when In reality, he wasn’t perfect and just kill people because he was a jealous son-of-a-bitch.

I am not a deluded person, because a deluded person looks into fantasy with no superior evidence to support their beliefs, but I look into reality with evidence of such things like Evolution and scientific evidence. I am a person that loves and looks into reality, loving mother earth’s creatures, and living life without the slightest bit of fear, and not spending wasted hours of church and praying. Because in those times I’ll be exploring the universe, and expanding my knowledge with hard evidence and facts. I am an Atheist, and I am fuckin’ proud of it.


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