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Name: Derek Frasure

Born: December 03, 1991

Location: Ashland, KY; Huntington, WV

Label: Atheist; Anti-Theist

Former Religious Affiliation: Christian (Protestant)


My Story


I grew up in the church and during my pre-teen and early teenage years I evangelized to thousands of people all over the east coast. I was never convinced enough to be baptized or take communion. By the time I was 16 I had decided that much of my religious experience bothered me and I decided to stop praying. Nothing in my life changed, except the guilt that was lifted from me. I spent the next year surveying Islam, Sikhism, pantheism, generic spiritual beliefs, etc. I noticed they all had underlying themes that were similar, but were contradictory and claimed exclusive truth. The only logical explanation was that they had come from a literary tradition but in no way from fact. At this point I examined the atheist argument and apologetics rebuttals. Atheism won. I would encourage any theists to stop praying and see how your life actually improves. I would encourage any closeted atheists to come and join me in saying what we believe and enjoying life as open atheists.

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