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Name: djarm67

Born: 1967

Location: Australia

Organization affiliation: Membership – Atheist Foundation of Australia

Label: Atheist

Former Religious Affiliation: Former leadership team member of a fundamentalist Pentecostal church

My Story

After many years of having important questions insufficiently answered or simply ignored, I began to investigate more for myself. This journey of truth and discovery led me to challenge many of the things that I had previously held as truth. It was not an easy journey particularly when you hold a leadership position in a fundamentalist Pentecostal church. Many were threatened by questions they could not answer and decided to break contact with us rather than face the logical conclusions which the answers revealed.

Now, after nearly two years, most of those we knew (and many of our own family) have rejected us. Despite this, I would not go back to the bondage of a religious mindset. Walking in the light of knowledge and the uncertainty of the future is such a wonderfully fulfilling experience. I hope you too choose to challenge the dogma of those attempting to blind and bind you. Never cease asking questions which you think are important. Always be highly suspicious of those attempting to prevent you from asking those questions.

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