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Atheists Giving Aid – Sandy Hook Elementary

In 2012 Atheists Giving Aid was born.  This horrific massacre of 26 people, most being children, we as charitable organizers couldn’t think of a better way to use our time rather than to just sit there and be horrified; doing nothing about it.  In all we raised $25,000 to send to help the families in need.  Due to their desire to remain anonymous and private Atheists Giving Aid was unable  to directly help the families but  we still donated to two different organizations.

$8,333 – Given to University of CT for scholarships

16,666 – Given to the Newtown Memorial Fund to financial help the families affected, build a physical memorial, and to build funds for scholarships.

The reason we donated so much money to scholarships is because we feel a college education is vital in the public job marketplace at this current time and will only become more necessary as time goes on.

Please help atheists giving aid to continue our help for the people of the United States during a time of severe crisis.