We live in a day and age where religion still has a firm grasp on the way we all live our lives.  Research and experience have now shown us that the best way to change this is for people like you to stand up, speak out, & be counted. We Are Atheism has been able to allow hundreds of people to share their stories and say in their own words “Why it’s Ok to be an atheist.”

After proven success in this area for dispelling the myths surrounding atheism we decided to make a bigger difference. We are going to change the face of atheism through education, tolerance, and philanthropy. We will foster and encourage building bridges within your community to uplift tolerance and understanding of atheists. We do this through the multitude of activism and philanthropic opportunities we provide to atheist groups around the country as well as individuals.  We are going to show the country that religion is unnecessary. We, as people, are able to care for one another, understand each other, and celebrate the differences that make our existence amazingly diverse.

But we cannot do this with out your help. Without you we cannot change the face of atheism. It takes each and every one of us standing together and displaying what it means to be an atheist for this change to occur. We will strive to make sure you, as a donor, know every step of the way exactly where each and every dollar you donate is going. Your hard earned money will be used to fund the following:

  • Conference Registration Fees – to reach as many atheists as possible
  • Booth Space at Conferences/Festivals/Fairs/Parades – to educate the public about what it means to be an atheist
  • Travel – around the country to spread our mission of education, tolerance, and philanthropy
  • Marketing Material
  • Technological Improvements – video taping equipment
  • “Portable” Closet for Atheists to share their stories
  • Atheists Giving Aid (50% of all donations are put into this fund)
  • Affiliate group maintenance
  • As of 2014 all employees are volunteers but once able we will begin having salaried employees
  • Advertising Fees
  • Shipping supplies and Postage
  • Merchandise
  • Office Supplies
  • Legal Fees
  • Philanthropic Events
  • Activism Events
  • and so much more…

With your donations we will be able to achieve our goal to change the face of atheism through tolerance, education, and philanthropy. We will be able to go to numerous conferences in regions that have yet to hear about us and get stories on YouTube of atheists crying out to be heard. We will give them a platform to say what needs to be said and to provide encouragement to those who have not yet said it. While also recruiting affiliate groups around the country to do on-the-gound hands-on efforts in a variety of ways.

How your donation works: You give either a one-time donation or subscribe to us for a monthly donation.  That donation at the end of each month, along with everyone else’s, is split 50-50 with Atheists Giving Aid and put into a separate fund to ensure individuals who need emergency assistance have funds available to them as well as supporting our affiliate groups around the country to do philanthropy efforts. Of the 50% remaining in the We Are Atheism, Inc.’s account expenses for Atheists Giving Aid is taken out along with We Are Atheism’s expenses and activism efforts. In the event of a special fundraiser for either a natural disaster or a national tragedy there will be a special donation button to ensure that 100% of that donation goes directly to the cause the funds are being raised for.  You can also write in the note section via PayPal to ensure accuracy that the donation is for said event. If you want your donation to go 100% to Atheists Giving Aid OUTSIDE of a specific fundraiser you must submit it in writing to We Are Atheism, Inc.’s headquarters. We know this choice is your decision but we implore you to donate to We Are Atheism directly so your money can have the biggest impact possible. Unlike many other non-profits, they only give you their 990s to look at.  We’re going to go one step further and not only provide those, but our monthly income/expense reports so you know where your money is going every step of the way.

Show your support to furthering the change of atheism in the United States. Many famous atheist support We Are Atheism and its efforts.  Here are a couple you may know:


Richard Dawkins, Biologist, Author, Founder- Richard Dawkins Foundation


David Silverman, President of American Atheists