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BY: Dan Hettmannsperger III

I have personally grown deeply tired of the same lie being repeated over and over again by apologists for Islam and the Islamic world: That Islam is a religion of peace.  Not only is this a lie but it is an absurdity as vast as the claim that the earth is flat or that the sun orbits the earth.  How can anyone with a straight face assert that Islam is a “religion of peace”?  One need only look at the current global situation to see otherwise.  Even as I write these words the humanitarian crisis in Syria only grows worse, Palestinians continue to use Israel as a firing range for their rockets, Buddhists are being treated by Muslims so badly that they have had to abandon their own principles of non-violence merely to survive, and Iran continues to unapologetically pursue acquisition of a nuclear weapon with the clear goal of using it against Israel.  I’ve heard some argue that the current wave of Islamic violence has nothing at all to do with Islam itself. That all of this activity is purely to be blamed on peculiarities in a given region’s culture or politics alone. But, this too is a claim that is completely without merit.  The very scripture of Islam itself, The “Holy” Qur’an, makes it’s views very plain:


“True Religion, in God’s eyes, is Islam.”  -Qur’an 3:19


This is not an ecumenical statement. There is no wiggle-room in those words which Muslims take to be the literal words of their God, Allah.  Muslims see their religion as the fulcrum of all reality, and those who question it are treated worse than animals. How Muslims feel about atheists is just as clear in the words of their own book:


“The worst creatures in the sight of God are those who reject him and will not believe.” -Qur’an 8:55


Really?  So if a man or woman simply decides that believing in God is absurd this, according to the Qur’an, is worse than any other type of person. Such a person is worse than a rapist, worse than a mass-murderer, worse (as one young Saudi Arabian told me in a debate forum recently) than even “a Jew”.


I’ve often said that Muslims seem to be living forever in a Middle-Ages mindset, and this is not a pejorative on my part. How else are we to describe people who believe wholeheartedly in cutting the hands off of thieves because a collection of Arab legends plagiarized from earlier Jewish sources tells them to [Qur’an 5:38]?  What else are we to say about a people who think that it is acceptable to savagely beat your own wife and deny her sexual favors if one “fears she might become high-handed” [Qur’an 4:34]?

I’ve heard more than a few people make the argument that Islamic violence is really a reaction to Western incursions and that if we would just leave them alone all of this would end, another lie that is utterly baseless. Let us not forget that Islam from it’s very inception was spread at the point of a sword, not through peaceful means like Buddhism or Jainism.  The Prophet Muhammad himself lead a war against the city of Mecca in the year 630 because they denied him and his God and only converted because the alternative was death. When Muhammad died in the year 632 he had succeeded in conquering the whole of Arabia and converting it by force.  By the year 700,  the Muslims had established the largest Empire in human history, even eclipsing the Romans, the Persians and Alexander the Great.  The Ommayad Caliphate stretched from Tibet to the Atlantic Ocean.  So let us not suffer those who call Islam “peaceful” with anything but laughter and a quick reference to the facts.  Islam is an infection the earth has been fighting for more than a thousand years…and it only now, seems to finally be weakening.
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