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Name: Edward Tarte
Born: 1934
Location: Kingwood, TX
Label: Atheist
Former Religious Affiliation: Catholic

About me:

I was a Catholic priest for five years in the 1960s. But by reading, listening, and discussing, I came to realize that my Catholic faith did not make sense. So I left the priesthood and the Catholic Church, and became a math teacher. A few years ago I started thinking seriously about the problem of suffering in the world. This and many other considerations led me to become an atheist. I am now an active atheist, making YouTube videos. Being retired from classroom teaching, I could ‘come out’ without fear of losing my job. Many other atheists can’t prudently “come out”. But if you are an atheist and can come out without harm to yourself or others, please consider doing it. You will be helping us atheists to gain acceptance, and you will be helping the cause of truth and rational thinking.

See more of Edward’s videos here on his YouTube Channel

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