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Name: Elric Sims
Born: 1985, July
Location: Portland, Oregon, USA
Organization affiliation: None at the moment.
Label: Atheism is a word made to describe people who don’t believe in god. There is no word for people who don’t believe in Santa Clause, so my label is Educated.
Former Religious Affiliation: Jewish by blood, and will always be ethnically.  Brought up Christian.  Studied Islam, Catholic, Mormon, and Scientology, after I realized I was an atheist.

My Story:

I am an atheist because I decided to question 1,500 year old beliefs.  I am an atheist because I was curious and interested.  I am now a full fledged evangelical atheist because my friends cannot get married, and my daughter will have to deal with prayer in school because of the delusional people America finds acceptable to run for presidency.  I am an American Atheist, and I vote, I care, I love, and I am proud.

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