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Name: Ethan Radatz

Born: July 21, 1991

Location: Sandusky, Ohio

Affiliation: None, at the moment

Label: Atheist

Former Religious Affiliation: Laid-Back Christian


My Story:

Let me start out by saying, I used to be a laid back Christian.  In my youth (early teens), I went to church and believed what my parents believed, same religious affiliation, same political affiliation.  In my late years of middle school and early years of high school, I began having feelings for my own sex and having less feelings for those of the opposite sex.  I knew I was gay, but I never told anyone and I went through the motions of being a straight man.  During my high school days, I already did not care much for church or religion in general, it was boring and seemed to just be a way to control people.  I still enjoyed the idea of religion, as in I liked the video games it produced and the entertainment value it held. By college, I had looked up Richard Dawkins and watched all his documentaries and videos and very much agreed with whatever he said. In college, I came out to my parents as well (for being gay, not an atheist). I’m a psychology major so I like to think of how religion deals with people’s personalities, behaviors and cognitions. I’d like to dedicate my future to setting aside religious views for more rational ones. I already have a friend who is nice and everything, but I have observed him become increasingly “holy”. He no longer likes Disturbed music as he once did, he no longer enjoys horror movies as he once did, I shudder to think of what else he will drop because it is deemed “ungodly”. When we discuss religion, I don’t believe he understands that he could be wrong, he always seems to take a position where he is right and I am wrong, even though he could be in any other religion and believe just as strongly.  Atheism just clicks for me, in a way nothing else does.  I don’t believe in hellfire, angels, demons or divine judgment.  These things are only interesting as fictional topics like fairies or unicorns.  My views are rational and I would not like to worship something I cannot see or hear.  I’ve seen the studies of religion and I lean toward the side that it’s just a happy feeling that you can get when your “brain is on religion”.   I really can’t tell you how to come out as an atheist.   I’d just be honest and say that you don’t believe in any God or gods. I brought in “The God Delusion” at my job and read it in my spare time.  When asked about it, I simply gave them a straightforward answer and they accepted it.  If you have no way of expressing yourself, go to a Christian chat room and talk or watch some stimulating videos.  Don’t be afraid to speak out because you have one person that does think you’re absolutely right, and that person is me.

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