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What is Atheists Giving Aid? 

We are an organization dedicated to disaster relief within the United States.  We respond directly to the people in need from natural disasters, an act of terrorism, and/or an unforeseeable event.

How do we guarantee the money goes to the right people? 

We contact local atheist organizations or humanitarian groups in the affected community to distribute the funds or contact a secular organization that has been set up already and send the money to those organizations.

Why call it “Atheists” Giving Aid? 

Atheists are people who are too humble sometimes.  We don’t recognize that we tend to not take credit for what we do actually do. So since We Are Atheism already provides a platform for atheists to come out of the closet and to promote tolerance around the globe the founders decided to expand on this idea.  By using the term “Atheist” we help the world realize that even though we do not believe in a god, deity, higher power, etc. that we do care about each other.  We do care about the human race, our planet, and most importantly enacting change rather than praying for it to come. Without putting a label on our efforts “Atheists” wouldn’t receive the credit we deserve for what we do.  Children who look up to so many of us won’t see positive role models of normal everyday atheists, just famous ones. And that is a tragedy.

Where does my money go? 

All donations go directly to the disaster being raised for at hand. 100% We Are Atheism pays for any and all advertising for Atheists Giving Aid.  We are hoping to gain sponsors and partnerships soon in order to gain support for marketing and networking but we want ALL of your hard earned money going to help everyone.

How do I become a sponsor?

If you are interested in supporting We Are Atheism or Atheists Giving Aid as a sponsor please contact Amanda Brown via email to discuss options. Ad placement, silent donor, merchandise percentage exchange, and many other options available.

Is Atheists Giving Aid or We Are Atheism a 501(c)3?

No. We have not received our government issued non-profit status yet.  We are in the process of filing and should have it within the next few months according to our lawyer but the government moves slow.  All of our donations are tax deductible as long as we establish our 501(c)3 status by the end of the year.  When you are ready to file your taxes please contact us here and we will provide you with our address and tax ID number.