Atheists Giving Aid FAQs

What is Atheists Giving Aid? 

Atheists Giving Aid is the philanthropic extension of We Are Atheism, Inc. dedicated to disaster relief, national tragedy assistance, and individual “unforeseeable circumstances” assistance within the United States.  We respond directly to the people in need from natural disasters, an act of terrorism, and/or an unforeseeable event.

How do we guarantee the money goes to the right people? 

In the event of a natural disaster or national tragedy we contact local Atheist Giving Aid affiliate groups in the affected community to distribute the funds or do on-the-ground efforts. If it is an individual receiving aid then we use money that has been allocated from the We Are Atheism General Fund from our 50-50 split of end of the month donations and is paid directly to the biller or the items needed are donated directly to the person in need.  In the event that there is no biller Atheists Giving Aid will give food donations in the form of grocery store gift cards or certain store gift cards.

Why call it “Atheists” Giving Aid? 

Atheists are people who are too humble sometimes.  We don’t recognize that we tend to not take credit for what we actually do. So since We Are Atheism, Inc. already provides a platform for atheists to come out of the closet and to promote tolerance around the globe, the founders decided to expand on this idea.

Atheism is a term that has unfortunately been stigmatized as being offensive and/or immoral. This is largely due to religion being a central aspect of most societal traditions. Denying religious beliefs was seen as synonymous with denying heritage, family, and tradition. Unfortunately, there are a few loud atheists that give a lot of fuel to our detractors by living up to those stereotypes. But that’s not most of us.

We want the world to know that most of us are normal, kind, altruistic people.

We love our families.

We work hard.

We contribute to society.

We just want everyone to get along.

And yes, we also happen to be atheists. We need to show people that the atheist stereotype is not accurate or true, and we can’t do that unless we use the word “atheist” when doing the things that we’re already doing.

Where does my money go? 

All donations go directly to the disaster being raised for at hand. 100% of the donations raised for the natural disaster or national tragedy goes to those in need. We Are Atheism, Inc. pays for any and all advertising, marketing, and maintenance for Atheists Giving Aid.  If it is an individual who has applied for aid then the donations that are given each month to We Are Atheism, Inc. are split 50-50 and put into 2 separate accounts.  One for Atheists Giving Aid, the other for We Are Atheism General Fund. We Are Atheism does this to ensure funds are available in emergency assistance situations to the individuals who apply for aid.

Is Atheists Giving Aid or We Are Atheism a 501(c)3?

YES! As of 10/1/2014 the IRS finally granted us tax exempt status and it goes back to 5/23/2013.  We are working to get our donations covered further back than that but as of 10/1/2014 that is where it stands. If you did deduct your donation to We Are Atheism, Inc. BEFORE 5/23/2013 then you need to make adjustments on your taxes.

How does my atheist group get involved with We Are Atheism/Atheists Giving Aid? 

All you have to do is fill out this application and then one of our team members will get back to you with our decision. If you don’t hear from us in 48 hours please click here and email us directly.

How do I apply for help from Atheists Giving Aid?

Fill out this form and we’ll contact you within 48 hours.  If for some reason you do not hear from us email us directly at we are atheism at gmail dot com