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From Ashes to Art:

Adam Brown is featured on his local KCTV5 News network for his amazing way he paints with cremation remains. He takes the ashes and mixes them into the paint and make a portrait, abstract, or landscape painting to remember your loved one in a better way the just ashes in an urn on your fireplace. Would you do this with your loved one’s ashes? I know I will.

Unknowingly they featured some of his portraits in the story so Ayann Hirsi Ali, Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, and Sam Harris. It was amazing to watch and learn about a great way to remember your loved ones after they’ve passed.  Many retirement homes and funeral parlors have shown interest in selling his services as part of your funeral service for your loved one. His prices are affordable and amazing pieces of Art. To commission a painting with or without their ashes incorporated into the paint click here and check out the possibilities for remembering someone dear to your heart.


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