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Name: Gary Murphy

Location: Brisbane, Australia

Label: Agnostic Atheist


My Story

I was brought up in a secular family so I feel lucky in a way that I was able to form my own ideas and come to my own conclusions about religion and life.
Although, there were times when I was ridiculed for my lack of belief (particularly when I got older and more outspoken), I never had to betrayed myself in order to appease another persons ignorance.  Thinking for yourself and making your own choices is an important part of living life and growing as a human being.  We should form our values on what we know to be righteous, which requires an active mind in order to distinguish right from wrong.  Basing our sense of morality on something without giving it thought is not a way to move forward.

Do not be afraid to be who you are.  Living with yourself in any other way is a waste of time.

It is Ok to choose a lack of faith in religion.  It is Ok to choose a disbelief in god.

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