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Name: Gordon Maples

Born: 1989

Location: Alabama

Organization affiliation: SECAA, Alabama Atheists and Agnostics

Label: Atheist and Secular Humanist

Former Religious Affiliation: Methodist



About Me: I am an atheist who was born and raised in Alabama in a conservative Christian family. I came out in high school to an initial negative reaction, but my family has come to peacefully accept my atheism over time. The relationships I have formed with fellow non-theists since coming out has enriched my life and led me to be a happier person in general. I hold coming out of the heathen closet to be one of the BEST decisions I’ve ever made. I’m currently an officer in Alabama Atheists and Agnostics at the University of Alabama and recently founded the Southeastern Collegiate Atheist Alliance (SECAA): a coalition of secular student leaders throughout the southeastern US.

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