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Name: Hannah Capps

Born: August 25, 1994

Location: California, USA

Label: Atheist

Former Religious Affiliation: Evangelical Christian



My Story

I was raised in a home where I was free to choose my own beliefs when I saw fit. Religion was never something I put much thought into until middle school, when that wonderful mix of curiousity and the urge to fit in led me to a local Evangelical church. I went to Sunday Services, youth group/Bible Study, and Bible Camp, and was shamefully obnoxious to my family about it (as they didn’t follow my path to church). After a couple years I began to question a few things, starting with the concept of Hell, and stopped going to the church. However, I still maintained that I believed in God 100%. I searched for faith until a fateful trip to Las Vegas, where I was introduced to Penn & Teller, and in turn, atheism. After some on and offline reading of my own, I came to the conclusion that I didn’t believe in any gods, and that that was more than okay.

I’ve since started a chapter of the Secular Student Alliance at my school, and have found that I am far from alone in my (lack of) beliefs, even in a conservative town. I spoke out, and have never been happier.

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