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I love it when people message me or comment directly here on We Are Atheism to tell me horrible things or to insult someone who had the courage to come out and tell the world they are an atheist.  What’s great is there are moments when someone goes above and beyond and I just have to share this one with you.

Here is what Neil attempted to post on Tomas Vogter’s coming out page.

“Oh there you are you dickhead ! remember me I’m the man on youtube who smash your ridiculous theories on so called slut shamming to pieces and you blocked me because you don’t have an answer. You like I said before, are a coward who has no argument to make over the obscene, pathetic and crazy lies that come out of your filthy leftwing mouth. Women do not have the right to do what they want and be slags if they do they will be told, quite rightly ! shamed as they should be and dealt with. It’s typical of you hippie trash to stand what is wrong and stand again what is right.

Oh well this is a short message and the only one of it’s kind to let you know that not only did I suspect that you would block me and run away like the little girl you are but knowing this I deliberately didn’t read your replies which I know you’ve sent and are giving you this reply to let you know and other leftwing rubbish like you that you cannot have the last word. Let me be clear not only this but you will not have the last word and I who will soon be joining youtube will make sure that I challenge the fantasy and offensive propaganda you put out,expose you and your friends for the nasty little bigmouths that you are and defeat each lie, insult and rant you hurl at others not just me who stand for the truth.

I’m your worst nightmare a man who will not be bullied, shouted down or told to be quiet I stand up to you and those off your ilk and defeat you.

See you soon !

p.s. I bet your still leaving in your Father’s attic having not paid rent done an honest or decent says work in your whole miserable life. Plus you are only a sad , little creature that can only hide behind his boyfriends and the police when he gets in an argument and can’t handle the response.”

Obviously I went to bat for Tomas and sent the following message to Neil:


I just wanted to be sure you are a real person.  I am just amazed that someone could say something like what you said to another person.  I don’t understand what your problem is. Please feel free to let me know what happened because the way you are acting on a public forum is unbecoming and downright mean. I hope to hear from you soon. 

Amanda Brown 

President, We Are Atheism
After I sent this email I went to Tomas’s YouTube channel to see what all of the fuss was about.  As you can see.  Tomas is a comedian. Majority of his online content is a joke.  Literally. He’s making fun of people and their ridiculous opinions. And yeah it can be offensive but as I’ve said countless times no one has the right to NOT be offended. This is what Neil decided to tell me in response to my email above:

Dear arrogant and stupid Atheist woman,

Who the hell do you think you are to send me pretentious piece of drivel, rubbish and downright ludicrous reply. Let me explain the situation because as I suspect you already know about it your appalling message needs to be informed about the truth off this. This Vogter character who I and many sane people have come across him and his obscene, aggressive and vile rants on ytube. He like you  (after all you are Atheists who are politically active which means your just a bunch of anti religious idiots) has been putting out the most absurd, offensive and untruthful pieces of propaganda on his account and having the nerve to call them videos.
 Countless numbers of people from a variety off different backgrounds object to this and send responses to him either written as a comment below his rant  or their own spoken responses. This wanker hurls abusive at them either producing another piece of rubbish he thinks is a video directly attacking them, name calling and saying all sorts of nasty personal stuff about them, or writes the most disgraceful and horrible replies to them and then when he gets it back blocks them. So he runs away like the little coward he is. This is typical off you leftwingers you think you can say and do what you want but then have the nerve to cry foul when you get it back. My advice to you lot is to shut your mouths in the first place and if we’re talking about what people say to one another his and others off his ilks comments are absolutely disgraceful.  
He happened to be making one off these obscene propaganda pieces a few months ago in which he disgracefully tried to excuse slags and what he termed as shaming them not only is this wrong it’s appalling that he would try and excuse something which by it’s very nature is inexcusable. Many friends off mine and associates objected to him saying this and then having even more nerve to try to tie it to rape and he poured abuse, lies and personal attacks onto them. If we’re talking about what people say to each other you idiot I’ve have some quotes off his he told one man ” that I hope you get cancer and die ” and then another that he was ” a rape apologist”  and hoped he gets ” run over by a four by four”. This so far beyond being mean as you put it it’s a classic example of how you leftists attack, try to shout down and bully someone who challenges the trash that comes out off your mouths.
 Having seen and heard  this and many off his rants and further rants to those who challenged him I decided as others did that he had got away this far too lightly for too long and give him a taste off his own medicine. So I wrote a reply to his disgraceful piece off trash on ‘slut shamming’ and told him how pathetic, stupid and weak he was. I basically laid the law down to him and told him some home truths. He just like the rest off you people couldn’t stand this and sent back a series off replies which were abusive and ran away and blocked me like  the little girl he is. I knew he’d do this and refused to read the messages knowing full well there content and decided that if this is the sort off coward he is, who can dish it out but not take it then I would find him and tell him how sad, and pathetic he really is. Bottom line he was not going to have the last word which you lot always want to do. 
So a friend off mine found out he had an account on your obscene little forum and I contacted him with that message and told little tit what he is. So now I’ve told you what happened I have pone final thing to say to you, him and rest of your kind who believe and stand for the kind off rubbish and twisted ideas that you do. If you can’t take getting it back don’t give it out !. Didn’t someone  ever tell you people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones ?.  Don’t you dare send me a message like that lecturing me on what I said which was entirely justified when he caused this response from me by his nasty, obscene and offensive comments to me and many others. He’s typical off you lot so keep your mouths shut. Please do not bother replying back to me unless you have something worth saying and you won’t but, I want you  to remember this message as well for the rest of your miserable lives. You absurd creatures cannot say what you want and insult who you want and if you do I others like you will pick you up on it and defeat you as I have done now.
Yours unfaithfully Neil  
PS death to Feminism, political correctness, gay  Extremists, druggies and commies! 
As you can see there is a lot in there to address and I wasn’t going to just let him get away with calling me names and making those of us who are left-wing liberals seem awful in his eyes.  So here is what I wrote back:


I’m sorry you think all leftwing, liberal atheists are like him. I’m not. I would never use name-calling in order to make my point. I would never insult someone for their opinions or views that are different than mine. I’m sorry that your experience with those of us who are liberal has not been a positive experience. But I do need to remind you that not everyone who is liberal, atheist, leftwing, etc. is all alike. Just like I understand and hope that your views are your own and you think for yourself. 
Slut shaming is a real thing. And my stance is as follows:  There is never a reason the victim of a sexual assault should be blamed for what happened to them.  No one EVER “asks” to be raped, assaulted, battered, etc. It doesn’t matter the nature of the crime NO ONE deserves to be made to feel worse than they already do about something that was out of their control. 
You must agree that the only person you have complete control over is yourself. As much as you would like to think you can control the actions of others you cannot.  So telling someone that it was they way they dressed, the way they talked, that they shouldn’t have flirted with the perpetrator, etc. doesn’t help anyone does it? You just make someone who already feels violated and alone feel even worse. 
Feminism is not a bad thing but like every aspect of society there are great examples of feminists, male and female, and there are terrible examples. The man hating, extremists who think women should rule the world exclusively are just as awful as the women hating, extremists think men should rule the world exclusively. Equity is what feminism is about.  Equity meaning the quality of being fair and impartial – equity of treatment (synonyms: justice, fairness, justness, and impartiality)
I do not see how that is a problem.  Do you not think all humans are equal? Do we not all deserve to be treated equally under the law? Do we not all deserve justice when wronged? Equal opportunity to achieve happiness and rise to greatness by fulfilling our potential? 

I find it odd that many conservative, right wing, theists that I talk to do not want these things in practice. In theory it sounds great right? Then when it comes to giving women, homosexuals, and minority religions (and of course those with no belief in a higher power/deity) equity under the law its a NO. I hear about how our children our hurting from women in the workforce, but no one talks about the fact that our children are fine psychologically, physically, and emotionally whether it is 2-parents of the same sex, different sexes or a single parent household. It is the amount of abuse in the home that makes the difference.  The lack of love, attention, and care. NOT the amount of parents or whether or not they are a male/female pairing. 

I’m tired of being told that I’m an idiot for words and thoughts that I did not say not write.  If he was being horrible to you, rather than writing a horrific comment why not rise above? Why not demonstrate his monstrous words and how you and your friends have tried to debate his thoughts and how no matter how mean and nasty he was to you, you never sank to his level? 

I get plenty of people on a daily basis sending me emails like the one you have sent me.  Telling me I’m an idiot, a creature, a leftwing liberal nut-job, and so much more. All of which are terribly insulting since these are assumptions made on the fact that I run a website for people to come out of the closet about their non-belief in a higher power. Something that can easily be demonstrated on how one can rationalize out their decision for not believing in a deity. I wouldn’t have to run a website like this if there weren’t so many people living in fear of being beaten, loosing their jobs, or being disowned from their families for simply not believing in the deity that their parents and/or society believes in. 

So hopefully I’ve opened your eyes to a different side of what a leftwing, liberal, atheist can be. Don’t lump all of us together because I can promise you we take great strides to NOT do that to all republicans, all right wing conservatives, and many other stereotypical groups. We may have what you call a liberal agenda but in all actuality we only want one thing: equity 
He never responded or wrote back after that. The reason I’m sharing this with everyone is I want you to see an example of how to turn the tables on someone to point out how they are being a horrible person while you maintain dignity and represent the groups you identify with respectfully. Being an atheist doesn’t mean you have to be arrogant and rude or a know-it-all when responding to someone like Neil. I have always loved the approach of “Killing them with Kindness”.  All you need it rationality and truth on your side and no matter what the other person does or says you will always come out on top.
Do you like the approach I took? What would you have done differently? What would you have said to Neil? I look forward to hearing your responses :)
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