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Name: Heather Buchanan

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Organization affiliation: none

Label: Secular Humanist

About you: I’m a passionate and enthusiastic atheist. I started looking at my life before and after becoming an atheist, and I began to realize all the amazing positive changes that came from the simple act of leaving religion behind. My love for Jesus and passion for religion can’t begin to compare to the love and passion in my life now. When you base your life on reality and evidence, a lot of good can come of it. I’m excited about sharing these ideas, and hearing other people’s stories about how life got better when they became atheists.

I’m not a scientist, so I can’t always adequately articulate the beautiful evidence in that lead me down the path of truth and reason. I’ll leave that to those who are more qualified. Instead, I feel my role in the atheist community is to encourage a discussion about the philosophical and practical differences between having a belief in god and lacking a belief in god. Daily life changes when you remove a belief in magic from your mind, and I’m confident that most people will find that these changes are wonderful. Religion tries to maintain its monopoly on hope, meaning, and having a sense of community. I don’t think this is right. I think we can work together to find ways to feel hopefully and inspired without relying on myths that can’t possibly be true.

I think we can create meaning in our own lives by figuring out what we’re passionate about, and then spending as much time as possible cultivating those passions. And I think we can all have wonderful friendships without needing a church to provide them for us. There is nothing that religion has to offer that we can’t have without it. Reality is far more amazing, far more strange, and far more fulfilling than religion could ever be.

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