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Name: Henry Price

Born:1996,  can get along with most all age groups

Location: Spring, TX

No organization affiliation, would like to start though

Label: Atheist

Former Religious Affiliation: I was a christian, but there was a new age phase too


My Story 

I was always curious, I always wondered about the co-existence of dinosaurs and humans. I had thought god had created dinosaurs first but those were his failed creations so he wiped them out with a meteor and then made us. All of that while at like, age 7. I have a very religious aunt who told me very young that the bond between god and his children is stronger than any bond possible, and that pushed me away when I was very young. To have to choose on who I like better, my invisible sky daddy or my real dad. The choice for a 8 year old is obvious.

I was always kind of the annoying christian, the one who would make sure you knew you were going to hell. But I was a casual christian, ignorant of the bible. And I always took my religiousness in small amounts, from my aunt, during holidays, praying (occasionally) when I needed something. Then I met this girl who was new age, and she was convinced her spirit guides were dead rock stars. She told me about  my “Spirit guides” and it all made sense to me. We fiddled with a ouji board and other things. Part of her belief stated that before we incarnate we write our lives down, only the major events, and then live the life in order to gain knowledge. She called the major events “Charted”

Something that was charted was set in stone, unavoidable. Well, one day she said it was charted that we would date. I was like, “Ew, gross” and decided that her spirit guides were really just strong reflections of her subconscious and what was charted was what she really really wanted to happen.

So then I was agnostic. I looked at religion as a conformity belief, wondering why they believed what they do. Then the idea that religion abuses the simple mind of a child really hit me. I hated that, got pushed more towards atheism. Started watching youtube videos, I saw religion losing the battle on 1,000 fronts. I hung out with some atheists at school, they seemed really cool. Pushed more towards atheism. Debated a little bit at school, no one provided an explanation of why they believed except the bible and that they have faith. They always ended with, “I’ll pray for you”.  After the repetition of that, I dropped the agnostic thing and from then on, I was atheist. (In may of 2011 I started my YouTube channel The Punk Ass Atheist Kid if at all curious)

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