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Name: Jacob Kramer
Label: Atheist – National Atheist Party


This journey started as a Facebook “fan page”, but inspired by support from fans, we created a non-profit organization like no other.  Our team consists of talented, educated people from all over the world, and the contributers will increase in correlation to demands of our fellow atheists.

It’s a pleasure to present Support We worked hard, and although, it took a bit more time to finish than anticipated, we never forgot our goals and the reason for the site’s genesis:

We created Support because we care about you. We care that becoming and being an atheist is horribly difficult in many families and communities. We care that young atheists (already suffering the hardships that come with growing up) are struggling with difficult celestial/existential questions, and this skepticism might not be popular with friends. We care whether the people and leaders within this world base their beliefs upon what can be determined most true and useful.

Support hopes to serve as a resource of knowledge, a place to share stories and ideas, a way to share some laughs, and most of all, a way to build a community for atheists. In the end, we dream that this community will include everyone in the world. If you will help us build this dream, this is where we start.

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