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Name: Jacob Triebwasser
Born: 05/21/1993
Location: NY
Label: Atheist
Former Religious Affiliation: Methodist/Nondenominational Christian
My Story: I was brought up by a Christian mother and extremely Christian stepfather, and spent a large amount of my life in suburban and rural North Carolina, where Christianity held a lot of importance. I started to question things because of my church’s explicit condemning of homosexuals to hell. I thought that that did not quite square with the idea of a loving God, so I investigated, and now I am going to University in the aims of getting a degree in Chemistry and one in Mathematics. My family is aware of my religious views, or lack thereof really, and while they certainly aren’t thrilled about it, they still love me as much as ever. If you are in the closet about your atheism, I wholeheartedly suggest coming out about it. It’s not worth living a lie to avoid making people angry. Believe me.

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