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Name: Jana Mulačová

Born: 8-23-1981

Location: Malmö, Sweden

Organization affiliation: Does horseback riding club count?

Label: Atheist, Secularist

Former Religious Affiliation: I used to joke I was a witch, but all my seemingly supernatural powers are just the result of my better application of powers perfectly natural.


My Story

Atheism isn’t something to achieve or defend, it is the first thing you are born with. Not knowing of any deity is the natural state of any being. It took me some time to even understand, why people want to stand up for atheism, as I was lucky enough to be born in a country with common sense in religious matters. The Czech lands were probably the only part of central Europe to suffer a crusade and ever since then, we haven’t been exactly religious. Czechoslovakia had the bad luck to be assigned to the Eastern block after WW2, so instead of religion, we were ruled by an ideology, which taught us to despise ideologies as much as religions. Ideas and beliefs are what a decent person has, something open to discussion and interpretation, while ideologies and religions are just means of tyranny, impenetrable doctrines, implementing means of punishment to those who want to discuss them. I have a deep respect for the former two, but no tolerance for the latter two.

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