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Name: Lane Keiffer

Location: Virginia

Born: Dec 16, 1983

Location: Virginia

Label: Atheist

Former Religious Affiliation: Catholic


My Story


I came from a strong religious family, well, at least on my mother’s side. Baptized, First Communion… the works. But I always felt something was wrong.  I had never felt a “connection” with a supernatural/invisible being. In short, I never grasped the concept of believing in a deity.  Something just didn’t seem right about it.  This was before I knew about atheism.   I was still a young tyke around the kindergarten age.  But as I grew older, I took more science classes… and luckily these classes were not filtered by religious influence.   I learned more about the world and the universe, and that’s when things were starting to make sense.  There was no deity.  No god to control EVERYTHING.  In my mind, I was able to use basic logic and common knowledge to explain the world around me, without a deity.  But don’t get me wrong, as I grew up I still tried to believe, out of respect for my Catholic mother.  I prayed, repented sins, said grace… etc.  But when I became 11 or 12, I had decided to come forth with my thoughts and lack of beliefs to her.  Perhaps I should have found a better time and place to tell her, but why not… a church is a good a place as any to tell your mother you don’t believe in her god, or any god for that matter.  I told her when I was 12-ish, and to this day she still feels I am in some sort of denial.  Refusing to understand that I don’t believe in god.  Then again, I believe I am the first one in my blood line to ever not believe in a deity.  But ever since I decided to tell my mom the truth, a huge weight had been lifted.  I no longer had to hide my feelings and thoughts.  I could stop feeling silly/embarrassed as I prayed to nothing or repented sins for something I never did wrong.  And no more church… that was nice.  Luckily my mom never FORCED me to do any thing religious based from then on.  Now instead of being afraid of life and in fear to embrace certain morals, I can now appreciate life for what it is, fragile, beautiful, and rare.  I have better morals now because I choose to.  I live my life to the fullest for me, and me alone… without fear.

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