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Name: Mark Stewart
Born: 1986
Location: Maryland
Organization affiliation: University of Maryland Freethought
Label: Atheist, Humanist
Former Religious Affiliation: Unitarian Universalist
About Me: I was raised Unitarian, which essentially means I was raised agnostic. I don’t have a very involved story for this–I identified as agnostic leaning toward the nonexistence of a god until I read The God Delusion and realized that since I thought the probability that a god existed was tiny, it made more sense to define myself as an Atheist, in the same sense that we’re (presumably) all Atheists with respect to Thor. Since then I’ve read literature on both sides of the argument voraciously, and have become progressively more active in local Atheist communities and progressively more out to people in general. It’s been a smooth ride for me, for the most part, but I think it’s very important for me to be as out as possible so that the ride can be as smooth for other people in the future as it’s been for me today.

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