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Name: Matthew Davis

Born: 11 October 1979

Location: Syracuse NY

Label: Secular Humanist

Former Religious Affiliation: Protestant Christian (Baptist, Pentecostal)

About Me: I’m not an atheist by choice. I never decided to stop believing. How do we choose what our minds accept as true and what our minds reject as false?  We don’t. I’m an atheist because I accept what my own mind tells me rather than what other people tell me. I reject religion for the same reason I reject 1 + 1 = 3. My mind rejects it because it simply doesn’t make sense. Anyone who uses blind faith to hold a false belief in their mind will be tormented by doubt.  I hope the closeted free thinkers out there who live in religious communities see this and realize they aren’t alone. Even if they aren’t speaking out, they do belong to a community.  We do care about them.




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