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Name: Michael Bonaqurio

Born: 1985

Location: Jersey Village, TX

Label: Atheist

Former Religious Affiliation: I grew up Catholic, but I do not remember ever believing in a god.

About me: I am an atheist I see no reason to believe in a god. As far as I can remember I have always been an atheist. I began to feel comfortable in being an atheist when I was about 12 years old, thinking about the disconnect between a supposed loving, caring god and all the ways the god’s creation is able to destroy us. I also remember having moral issues with the religions I knew and saw around me; denying gay rights, teaching kids to feel ashamed of their emerging sexuality. Atheism really became important to me by about my third year in college. I was found a clip on YouTube from The Atheist Experience. From then on, I learned more about atheism and atheists, and all the factual and logical problems religion has. Now I’m a proud atheist.

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