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Name: Scott Colgan
Born: 1960
Location:  St. Paul MN, USA
Label: I don’t like to go by any label. Atheist is close, skeptic a little closer.
Former Religious Affiliation: None. I was raised in a household where religion didn’t play a central theme, but had echos of Christianity. I do get a great deal out of Buddhism although I view it as philosophy; was never quite able to call myself a Buddhist.
About Me: Not much to say about my story. I was raised in a working class neighborhood. A close aunt began my introduction to science through books, movies and frequent trips to the local planetariums, museums and zoos.  Although spirituality has been a part of my life, when it came to religion there’s always been a voice at the periphery of my conscious thought whispering that the magic and the supernatural just wasn’t real. My college degree is in natural resource management, and after college I participated in some amazing field studies that really opened my eyes to the wonders of our world. It never occurred to me that a deity was the source of all these wonders.

At the age of 44 I began to experience some mildly irritating sensations. One doctor had an MRI performed. He suggested that it could be multiple sclerosis, which was quite a shock. It was at this time that I began to look into Buddhism because the one thing most all of the literature recommended was learn to live in the moment, and this is the basic essence of Buddhism. But like all the other religious traditions I’ve looked into, I couldn’t get past any of the more fantastic claims of Buddhism… there was that voice again. About this time I also took a much closer look at neurology, brain function and consciousness.

Some three or four years ago I discovered YouTube, and to my great surprise I learned that there are many more people out there who felt the same about religion as I do.  I found an eclectic group of very intelligent and compassionate people. Here was a rich resource which helped me to clarify my views of atheism and let me realize that it’s perfectly fine to be an atheist/skeptic.

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