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Name: Sean Elias

Location: Santa Monica, CA

Label: Atheist, Humanist

Former Religious Affiliation: Irish Catholic, New Thought Christianity




My Story

I was raised as an Irish Catholic by an Irish immigrant family who were not religious but wanted to save money on my schooling. The primary school I went to was christian and made non-believers pay more to attend than believers.

When I was 14, I left the Catholic faith, but not Christianity. I explored other religions as well as Western and Eastern philosophies until a few years ago.  At that time, I became an atheist. People ask me about death, god and the afterlife all the time. I tell them I don’t believe in any of it. Nor do I believe in religion either.

I believe I have the moral compass to decide what is right for me without the benefit of an invisible man, his “channeled” book, and his archaic rules for living.

As an atheist, I feel more free to make wiser choices, appreciate the time I do have here on the Earth, and to make every moment count. I can appreciate the beauty of a sunset, a butterfly, laughter without attributing these wonderful things to a often tyrannical creator being.

Most importantly, I am free to be human, explore, make mistakes, and be responsible for my own life. I am proud of who I am.

I encourage other atheists to come out and be proud of who they are as well.

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