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Name: Sean Gillespie

Location: Wichita, KS

Year Born: 1980

Organization affiliation: Air Capital Skeptics and the Wichita Coalition of Reason

Label: Atheist

Air Capital Skeptics is a group of critical thinkers who get together to talk, eat, drink, and promote critical thinking skills. Myths, legends, and pseudoscience pose an increasing threat to our modern society. By promoting the use of the scientific method as the way to examine the world around us rather than relying on superstition we can ensure that we continue to have a bright future. For our adult members we host Skeptics in the Pub events where we can eat, drink, and be skeptical. For our younger members (and adults!) we host Skeptics in the Park where we can also eat, drink, and perform the kind of science experiments that you aren’t allowed to do indoors. Occasionally we may host special events and presentations. All events will be posted here on the website.

Science and Skepticism is about the excitement of exploration and discovery. The world is an incredible place and we hope to encourage the spirit of exploration and discovery by showing how amazing it can be.

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