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Name: Stephen James

Born: July 20th 1985

Location: Southern California.

Label: Atheist & Secular Humanist.

Organization: Non-affiliated.

Why it’s “Ok” to be an atheist, and why I do what I do.

The religious institutions of the world have done a good job of painting Atheist and Secular Humanist as immoral and deviant conspirators out to destroy the fabric of society. We need more happy, intelligent, kind people to come out as non-believers to demonstrate that a lack of belief in God does not make someone evil.  I believe that there is a need for an atheist visibility movement because there are powerful theocratic movements at work in the world attempting to “take dominion” over society and undo the hard fought advances we’ve had in areas like Women’s liberation, Gay rights, freedom of religion, and science education. These movements need to understand that there is an intelligent, articulate atheist community ready to challenge their power grabs.
And lastly as an African American I believe that there is a need for more visible black atheist. In our community the church has particularly strong influence and I believe that education in many of the areas that often lead to the rejection of theism (Science, History, Philosophy) is also the key to dealing with many of the problems we face.

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