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“Proud to be an Atheist” T-shirt

It’s time to be proud of your atheism.  This trendy shirt will not only show you’re an atheist but display proudly that you use science and evidence to support your reasoning. The beautiful blue color easily stands out from the crowd to get you and your proud atheist as much attention as possible.



We Are Atheism Travel Mug – $15

The WAA travel mug is a one of a kind eco-friendly mug that you will not need to feel guilty for purchasing. Made completely out of recycled plastic, can be recycled itself as a #2 plastic, and will biodegrade within 1-5 years unlike our current plastics which take anywhere from 8-450 years. Stand Up.  Speak Out. Be Counted.  Without doing more than drinking your favorite hot beverage while walking around town or your office.


Hug An Atheist – $20

Wearing this stylish “Hug an Atheist” T-shirt is guaranteed to get you the most hugs in a day than you would have normally.  People cannot resist hugging a fellow atheist, on top of your ability to display publicly how being an atheist means only ONE THING – You don’t believe in a deity over seeing this amazing world we live in.



We Are Atheism Wristbands – $2/ea

Do you want to take a stand but don’t have to funds for one of our nifty T-shirts? The wristband is a great alternative to the t-shirt.  It has the words We Are Atheism printed on it and we know that people look at these wristbands to see what cause you are supporting.  So by all of us buying one of these wristbands means it will be that much easier to talk to someone about your religious non-belief that just blurting it out randomly in the conversation.



We Are Atheism 3″x3″ Sticker – $1/ea

Decorate your laptop, dresser, wall, locker, desk, lamp, etc.  There are so many different ways you can utilize the We Are Atheism sticker, we just know you’ll want to buy as many of them as you can carry. They are great for first meetings of the year for student groups or prizes in adult groups. Order yours today!


EXCLUSIVE!!! Secular Sexual T-Shirt – $15

Being a secular sexual is a difficult achievement. Finally letting go of the last shreds of religion and our religion soaked culture is not an easy task.  So celebrate this new found freedom to explore your sexuality with out the shame, guilt, and/or fear you felt while in religion or in a conservative household. When you purchase a Secular Sexual T-shirt 70% of your purchase will go to support LGBTQIA individuals as well as organizations across the globe. The rest will be used for overhead (purchasing more shirts).



EXCLUSIVE!!! Secular Sexual 3″x3″ Sticker – $1

Promote safe, sane, and consensual sex while living guilt, shame, and fear free.  These wonderful stickers are sure to be great conversation starters on the back of your laptop, smart phone, purse, or any other flat surface that will hold a sticker. Buy enough to wear a new one every day of the year or to share with your entire organization. Send out the message: Sexuality is different for each person and by being accepting of our difference do we grow to accept one another for who we are, not who we have sex with. When you purchase a Secular Sexual Sticker 70% of your purchase will go to support LGBTQIA individuals as well as organizations across the globe. The rest will be used for overhead (purchasing more shirts).