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Name: Tanner Lloyd

Born: May 20th, 1993

Location: Seattle, WA

Label: Secular Humanistic Atheist

Former Religious Affiliation: Non-Denominational Evangelical Christianity


My Story:

I was raised in an essentially evangelical environment having a lasting interest in Christian apologetics from creationism to the existence of god. This interest built in the last years of middle school such that I found myself arguing with complete strangers on the internet about these things, pressing my case very strongly. It was then at the beginning of high school that I changed my mind about God and Christianity. I was a deist for a day, but became an atheist the next. My reasons for disbelieving back then were much different than they are now, much less rational, but at least I had freed my mind from the mental slavery of Christianity and was free to think for myself. Ever since then, my mother has argued with me trying to get me to read her creationist books, when I have clearly have no interest in such things. Her efforts have died down considerably in these last four years, but are not completely gone. My friends are really cool with it and my family totally accepts me despite our differences of belief. I’d say that I’m lucky in that regard to have such good people around me. As for those of you out there who are greatly concerned about the possible reactions of your friends and family if you told them you’re an atheist, what I have to say is that they might come around in the end and see you for who really are. Maybe it takes a little work, a little bit of defending your position, but I think some of you might be surprised at how they see you in time. It just takes a little adjustment.

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