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Dear Atheist’s Giving Aid,
I am one of the “long term unemployed.” I lost my job in March 2013 and began receiving Unemployment Compensation in May 2013. I had been working steadily since I was 17 years old. I am now 45. I suffer from several chronic health conditions which leave me in constant pain. Even so, I diligently began a job search, to little avail. I suddenly found myself either over-qualified or under-qualified for many jobs. I put in over 200 applications/resumes and received only two interviews. I couldn’t even get work in fast food! Dec. 28, 2013 the Government ended UEC for 1.3 million people. I was one.
To my horror, the barely staying afloat we had been maintaining had become a steep decent into poverty. For the first time in my adult life, I faced having my utilities disconnected, my car insurance being canceled, which would result in my driver’s license being suspended, my phone and internet (which I used daily for job searches) we going to be disconnected and we had no money for food.
I asked family and friends for help, and I received only offers of prayers and advice to repent and accept Christ and all my troubles would be taken away. Yes, I was told. God would provide me with the financial assistance I so desperately needed. I turned to local charities and churches. I was offered odd assortments of slightly out of date food and soft fruits and vegetables, but no tangible help. I began to seriously contemplate suicide. At least me suffering would end and my family would benefit from the insurance money. (The suicide clause was long passed, I checked.)
I was online, in tears one night and I came across the We Are Atheism Facebook page. From there, I found Atheists Giving Aid. I sent an e-mail, out of total desperation, my faith in my fellow man nearly destroyed, and the next day I received a response from Amanda Brown. She called me on the phone shortly thereafter and we had a pleasant conversation. She listen while I explained my need and my despair, and she said that there may be hope for me. To say the least, I was terrified and hopeful all at once.
The following day, I heard back from Ms. Brown and within a week, I had the help I had so desperately needed and could not find anywhere else. The Government denied me, my family and townspeople abandoned me, the Church scorned me, and Atheists helped me. Without judgment and without prejudice. The help so generously offered me went a long, long way to restoring my faith in Humanity.
I will never be able to express my heartfelt appreciation for everyone involved with Atheists Giving Aid. You saved my life. Literally. I promise to pay the kindness forward and will be forever grateful.
Teresa Mitchell-Robbins


Let’s continue to help people like Teresa. By donating today you will ensure other people can rely on humanity to help in times of crisis. Donate $5, $10, or even $20 and let’s show the world atheists are good without god.

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