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 Name: Tomas Vogter

 Born: 1959

 Location: : Copenhagen, Denmark

Former affiliation: Catholic

My Story

I realized there probably were no gods when I was around 12. It took some years of thinking, testing and reasoning before I realized I was right. It was a slow process, but I ended up being an atheist and a skeptic, for the lack of any proof or evidence that god or any gods for that matter are real.  I’m a social worker as I am a surplus human being and I see many that aren’t.  This makes me want to do something with my life that influences others to get a better life. Not that mine is perfect, but I am happy and when I see unhappiness I feel obligated to help.  I see many who are locked in a life they hate, many atheists trapped by their social circles inside a religion that was not their own choice and this saddens me.   I also believe that a society needs to be secular to be fair on all humans living in it, from homosexuals, religious, transgender, black, white, yellow, left, right and so on..A theocracy can not do this, secularism can.

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