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Name: Valery Tozer

Born: NJ in 1980

Location: Sausalito, CA 94965

Organization affiliation: (NONE)

Label: Atheist

Former Religious Affiliation: I was raised in a KKK Baptist Christian home, but was not and refused to belong.

My Story:

I was raised in a KKK Baptist Christian home, I was born a hermaphrodite, NOT INTERSEXED, I also have a mild form of (XP)Sun allergy and grew up as a girl till I was 5. Then I was forced to have surgery to become a boy. From 6 or so till my young teens I was beaten and raped, belittled and degraded because I was a product of the devil. In my teens I started to change, my female parts started to grow, and I found myself running away time and time again from my family. But I was always forced back. I was taught that men had sex with women and not men with men, but my male cousin would rape me till I started to show sings of being a woman again.

Anyway, I was forced to have sex and babies and fathered my first 2 kids at 14, with my 2nd half step-sister by marriage. My mother was in a wheelchair and my step father was blind, so for the most part I was raised by my family. In total I have 6 living children and I had MY OWN miscarriage.  I lost all of my kids in 3 court issues where I was deemed unfit due to my gender issues. I have seizers and memory issues short and long term. Although I do not have any degrees I’ve studied religions of the world and found none of them to my liking. I was always taught that atheist’s were satanist’s, and never thought about them. In my fight to find out, why I was, the way that I was, I found that no religion wanted me, as I was a product of the devil, till I found a doctor that told me about Chimera, learning about that, I came up with the idea on my own, of how evolution worked. I am sure I heard of it somewhere before, but was never told the details, and I damn near figured it out on my own. After a few years I found thunderf00t  and he opened my eyes.

I am now 31 and my life is cool, I am a woman, I am an atheist, I live-aboard a boat, I love life, I have put most of my fears away, and I go out with my friends sometimes. I even climb mountains, love to hike and camp. That about sums it up. There’s a lot more but just ask me and I’ll tell you. Oh and I only have a 3rd grade level education in general studies.  So if I can say, “IF I CAN DO IT, SO CAN YOU”. There are ways, and we are all here to help.

Check out Valery’s YouTube Channel Scientific Anomaly 

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