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Name: William Rayner
Born: 01/02/1999
Location: UK
Label: Atheist, Humanist, Buddhist
Former Religious Affiliation: Christianity


My Story

I used to be pretty involved with Christianity- I used to pray quite often, attend church and I once went to a Christian camp for a few days, where every day we would not only pray, but have a bible study session.

But the thing is- I never really believed in it. I remember saying when I was about 9 (and still a Christian) in Primary School, when we were having a debate about whether or not a God created the universe, that while I believed in God, I didn’t believe that he created the universe.

I have always been fascinated by the wonders of science, mainly Astronomy. It is amazing to discover the wonders of the universe- events such as the big bang, incredibly huge stars that only appear as tiny specks in the sky and the many planets that inhabit our Solar system.

It’s much more fulfilling to discover all of these awe-inspiring wonders rather than spending your whole life trying to ‘find god’, as deluded Christians say.

And that’s why I became an Atheist. Thankfully, my parents aren’t very religious at all (though still not Atheists, not even Agnostics), so I had no problem coming out to them. I didn’t really announce it to them, in fact the way I came out was- I once asked my Mum if Atheists could get married (just wondering for later life) and when she asked me why, I said “Because I’m an Atheist”. She then told my Dad, and they had no problem with it.

Although my Mum said she was a little disappointed in me, apparently I “wasn’t raised that way”. But really, it’s Ok to believe in what makes more sense to you.

And if you have devoted Christians as parents, when you come out as an Atheist, remember to tell them that it’s your right to believe in what you want- you shouldn’t have to be brainwashed in order to believe in something. It’s what comes naturally.

Also, remember to speak out. Let people know you’re an Atheist. Tell your friends (if they’re not Ok with it, then they aren’t real friends), tell your family. And be proud, be proud to be the one that thinks different, be proud to be the one who has realized the truth, be proud to be the one with the healthy, independent mind. I know I am.

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