Causes Of Division In Christians

Several causes bring up to the split of Christians in a church. For instance during the time of apostle Paul, in the church at Corinth Christians separated due to various reason. For example due to political wrangles, gifts of the holy spirit, some Christians identifying themselves with leading figures in Christianity for instance devotees of Paul, and Apollos together with other reasons, these resulted in the division of the church at Corinth. All these groups exist today and can exist in the same local church. Below are some of the causes that can lead to division in Christianity:


Partisanship exists today, for example, there are the Wesleyans, Lutherans, Calvinist and the Arminian and There are those Christians who strongly follow and adopt their beliefs. Many famous philosophers and public speakers visit our towns and even villages where large numbers turn out to hear them. These celebrities try to support strongly and win a following of their point of view, and as a result, many Christians become their devotees and start following their teachings.

Church politics and power struggles

This has led to division among Christians in a way that you find members of the church are divided regarding politic as per who they support. Each and every member of the church is struggling for higher positions in the church to the point that if one is not given his or her desired position, he/she stops going to church. They forget that all duties are equal before God and they all serve an equal purpose. They spend their power into winning battles with fellow believers instead of using it in winning souls for Christ that being a major role for a Christian who is a follower of Christ.

Class differences

ghthjytjtThis may appear to be unreasonable to some of us but trust me it has divided Christians in a serious way. For instance, you go to a church and find that members only associate with the rich leaving the middle class and the poor aside one will feel demoralized thus quitting the church. In some churches, leadership is divided according to classes, duties allocated according to classes and even sitting arrangements in the church where for instance you find seats put aside for prominent people. This causes division amongst Christians. Christians are supposed to relate equally and share with the need by showing them the love for that will bring unity in the church.

Christian beliefs

Belief in Christ was not enough. Many Christians today have different beliefs concerning baptism, spiritual gifts, the day of worship and even resurrection. Let’s start with baptism; Christians believe in different types of baptism for example; emulsion, passing through fire, anointing and even some belief in baby baptism. These as caused division amongst Christians since each and every member uphold to certain beliefs concerning this.

Talking about spiritual gifts: some Christians take various gifts to be special to others thus discriminating those with gifts like that of preaching and prophecy. This also causes their split because when members feel discriminated they quit going to church or turn to other churches or beliefs. Christians should know that all gifts serve the same purpose and they should use them all to glorify Christ. That way they will be united
In conclusion, Christians should be like Christ and follow His teachings to avoid this division among them.