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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Web Hosting Company

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Website hosting plans are very important in the life of any website. Whether you are building a new site or migrating an existing one, the most important decision you can make when comparing hosts like inmotion vs siteground is to choose the right web-hosting plan based on your hosting needs. You need to look at things like reviews, uptime, page speed, and ease of use. On that note, this article takes an extensive look at some things to look at when choosing a hosting plan.


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A good web host should be well established and should have a solid reputation. In this regard, the hosting company of choice should have been in the industry for some time considering that relatively new companies are considered riskier. The last thing you need is a web host that will go out of business soon or be acquired by a company with low-quality hardware.

Technical support

The technical support offered by a web hosting company matters a lot. Ideally, a good hosting company should not keep you waiting for a long time before some addresses your concerns. If possible, the hosting company should offer 24/7 live support, short hold times preferably under 10 minutes, and the support services should be free with all hosting plans.

Ease of use

Some hosting companies are difficult to use or get started with. Ideally, a good company should offer a simplified plan that allows you to log in and make a few clicks before your site goes live. As a tip, you should avoid any host that seems unintuitive. Instead, go for a company that offers one-click installations using modern web-building tools like WordPress.


Pricing and money back guarantees

The amounts you pay for webhosting services matters a lot. As such, you need to work with a company that gives you value for money and at the same time does not have misleading pricing. Even better, some hosting companies also extend lucrative discounts based on the plan or the subscription duration. Moreover, a good hosting company should not have a hassle refund policy and should have an elaborate money back guarantee policy.

Loading speeds

How fast does your site load? The loading speeds offered by a webhost are often determined by the quality of servers used by the hosting company. Since the speeds vary depending on the plan you are in; shared plans tend to be slower than dedicated ones. Considering that most people prefer shared plans since they tend to be cheaper, make sure the loading times are okay as per SEO standards.